Angelbrooke Creations Woodworking and Carpentry, Dale HautTHE PURPOSE OF THIS WEBSITE

When hiring a contractor, I know the questions and concerns you have about the company you trust to work on your home. The purpose of this website is to give you some information that may help you make a decision whether to use Angelbrooke Creations Woodworking and Carpentry for the project you are considering. If you care to read it, I have included information about myself.


Early in 1999 God brought about changes that opened the door to pursue the desire and ability He gave me for woodworking and carpentry. So I made a career change and started an apprenticeship with a small union remodeling company which led to journeyman status four years later. In 2001 I started Angelbrooke Creations doing crafts and woodworking projects part time while still working full time as a carpenter for someone else. Then in 2004, I put my faith in God and started Angelbrooke Creations Woodworking & Carpentry full time. With business cards in hand and a rusty Pontiac wagon as my work vehicle, I was ready to go. Just about that time, my business was kicked off by a woman I hardly knew, who told someone about me and my work. From that job, it lead to a chain of referrals from one customer to the next, doing carpentry, custom woodworking and painting. Since then, there are many satisfied customers who have been instrumental in referring business to me and trusting me with repeat business, and for that I am thankful. Referrals and repeat business has been my main source of work.

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I know my business name is different, and certainly not typical for this type of work, so I am often asked, “How did you come up with the name?” The simplest answer is that it's named after our daughter Brooke who went to be with the Lord at a young age.


I went to school in West Allis where I met my wife of 35 years. We both grew up in West Allis, and moved to New Berlin in 1997. We have a 24 year old son.


Woodworking is commonly considered the design and building of custom wood projects such as tables, desks, entertainment centers etc. It requires exact measurements, fine finishes and an eye for good design. (I like to design my own projects.) All the projects you see in the gallery are my designs or a collaboration between myself and the home owner.

Carpentry relates to rough framing, installing doors and windows, building decks, installing trim etc. Unique skills in themselves. My woodworking skills, and a desire for quality, often find a place in carpentry work too. It is the combination of the two very different skills that you don't often find with one contractor.


A benefit to you is that on most projects I would do everything from start to finish. For example, on a finished basement I would do the demo if needed; rough framing; install, tape and finish drywall; paint; doors; finish carpentry and laminate floors. This means hiring only one person instead of several. I would provide subcontractors for trades such as plumbing and electric so you don't have to find someone. If there are custom features requiring woodworking skills, I can design and build a wide variety of unique elements for a truly customized look.

Your project is typically the only one I would be working on at the time, so there would not be delays due to time on a different job. Will it take longer because I am just one person? On some jobs, two or three people working on the same project will complete it sooner. But when it involves multiple skills which would require a different contractor, scheduling delays are not an issue, since I am there every day working through each phase from start to finish.

Finally, as stated earlier, repeat business and referrals are my main source of business. That in itself says a lot about the quality of my work. I hope you have found this information helpful to you. I thought by giving information about myself and Angelbrooke Creations, you can make an informed decision instead of an anxious one.